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Please Unmute The Video Player To Continue Watching - Homemade Herbed Croutons
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In this episode I am making some delicious homemade croutons. These are far nicer than those typically found in a grocery store. I find that the store bought croutons are often too crunchy, dry, lack flavor and are too salty. This recipe is a simple combination of cubed bread, fresh herbs, spices and extra virgin olive oil. Feel free to adjust the recipe to your liking and tag me on my Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter if you make this! If you are new to my channel then welcome to the Count Colors Not Calories channel! I am a content creator specializing in healthy plant based recipes. Almost 4 years ago I started an Instagram account because I wanted to share my passion for healthy plant based cooking with others. Who knew years later eating a plant based diet would be the new trend! Counting colors not calories is my view on healthy eating. I encourage you to fill up your plate with colorful plants and eat your heart out! Eating healthy colorful dishes without worrying so much about calories can help keep you lean, less stressed and overall happier! Please make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel as well as follow my Instagram, Facebook page and Twitter all of which are listed below.
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