EU Users: Updates for GDPR Compliance


As many of you may have heard from various other sites/apps you use, The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect May 25, 2018, and is designed to give consumers in the European Union more control and transparency over their personal data. As part of our commitment to compliance, we’ve made a number of updates for users interacting with our platform: Privacy Policy Updated

Please note our privacy policy has been updated on for compliance with GDPR.

You can access our updated privacy policy here:

Consent Management

For users in the EU, we will also show a consent management notification allowing us to personalize and target ads via our ad partners as well as track/issue rewards on our side. EU users that do not consent will be unable to watch videos on our sites, given we rely on this data to both track & issue rewards.

Further, we are ensuring your consent is only applied to our sites and not all sites.

Opt-In to Email Communications

You may now opt in to receive emails from us if you are a signed up user. You can opt in to email communications here:

If anyone has any questions, let us know!

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