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We're giving away $20 e-gift cards:

New Music Video Channels!


We've just launched two new music video channels! Check out videos from your favorite artists like Ariana Grande, Pitbull, and Drake (and discover awesome new artists too) at:

Music Fest:

Music Mix:

More Reactions Added! Give Creators Six New Types of Feedback!


You can now give creators even more feedback on their videos, with six new feedback options:
-I Want That

Go to the "Reactions" section today under each video to try them out!

New Explore Page: Get the Best of in One Conveinent Location!


Looking to catch the best of Visit the new "Explore" page, and check out our latest, most viewed, and featured videos all in one area! To visit the Explore page, click on the "Explore All" link, located on the left-side navigation menu in the "Featured Channels" section.

New My Subscriptions Section!


It's now even easier to check out new videos from your subscribed channels!

We've added a new section on the left side of the page, allowing you to easily connect to your subscribed channels, with the most recently updated channels appearing first. Log in to your account, click on the top-left side navigation menu, and then scroll down to "My Subscriptions" to check out your subscribed channels with recent activity. Once you click on one of your subscribed channels, you'll be taken to the newest video from that channel. You can also browse videos from all of your subscriptions by clicking on the "View All" link in this section as well.

Improved Search


Searching will now take into account channel names and the order will be determined by relevance first and date second

URLs in Descriptions are Now Linked


Now when you upload a video you can add any URLs you want in it, to your products, songs, anything. When we detect a URL we will automatically link it up for you!

Contributor Uploads are Now in High Definition


Contributor uploads are now high definition by default. When you upload a high definition video to Smores, Smores will keep the video in high definition for all your viewers! Enjoy :)

Better Integration with Facebook and Twitter


Sharing Smores videos just got better with a tighter integration with Facebook and Twitter. You'll now get better and more accurate shares on your timelines when you use our share button.

Contributors Can Now See Users' Reactions in the Contributor Dash


Now contributors can get valuable feedback on their videos by seeing reaction stats for all of their videos all in one place. The My Videos page for contributors now shows the stats for all the user reactions to all of your videos. Easily see which videos of your people find the most inspiring or shocking.